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Audit Trails: What You Need to Know

An audit trail is a comprehensive, chronological record of business transactions with evidence that traces each activity back to its source. These records are used to verify the accuracy and validity of data pertaining to things like trades, company spending, and...

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Ways to Stay Compliant as a VC Partner

Over the past decade, the venture capital industry has experienced a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17% resulting in global annual investments exceeding $250 billion. Most of the investments in this industry are channeled to fintech and software startups,...

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Why Should Your Private Equity Firm Use Blockchain?

Blockchain: you've probably heard this word plenty of times by now, but do you know what it means? Better yet, what it can do for your private equity firm? When most people think of blockchain they think of the Bitcoin, which is just a cryptocurrency. However,...

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