Why Blockchain?

At Filejet, we are using Blockchain as the framework and implementing it to bring trust and transparency to compliance and the formation of business entities. We have created our own proprietary solution specific for Legal and Accounting professionals.

Irreversible Records

Blockchain Technology is highly secure because each and every individual is provided a unique identity linked to his or her account.


The format of the Blockchain design can easily detect problems and automatically correct them. Furthermore, this technology also creates an audit trail that is irreversible.


FileJet is dedicated to privacy. Our blockchain servers are held on our own private networks.


FileJet has made Blockchain easy and accessible to our users. This allows for any user to use the Blockchain interface with Minimal to no training.

Expand Reach

FileJet is committed to assisting the Legal and Accounting fields by providing our customizable Blockchain platform to our quality business entity formation, services, and products.